STAR Avenue!

Hi Welcome to STAR AVENUE!
Also use that email for all other questions and feedback.

Im here to let you in on Celebrity Secrets, Blow ups, Break ups, Get togethers, Affairs, Songs, Films, Fashions and much more. If you like to read magazines and keep up to date with events in Hollywood then you’ve came to the right place. I will be talking about celebrities In general. Beware because I wont always be the first to ditch the dirt on our favourite and least favourit Stars, I will try to make my blog as exciting and Entertaining as possible. You can click the other tabs next to this one to find out about Star Avenues Favourite Charity ‘Cystic Fibrosis’ and hopfully make a difference and help out. You can also click the tab next to that one and see our sources, thats where we borrow some important information to see your gossiping needs.

We’re also always looking for new recruits who think they can handle posting some celebrity gossip :)
If your interested in becomming apart of the team, Email us at


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